Health & Safety

20170925 82458Whatever the role, and however experienced any individual is in working with us, there’s one safety vision we are all required to share. Everybody has a responsibility to behave safely and challenge unsafe behaviours and conditions when we see them.

Our Promise

This underpins our promise to safely transport goods where they need to be on time, every time. More than anything else, we value the safety of our customers, employees and the general public. This priority is reflected in our policies and behaviours - the way we do business.

Our Responsibility

Responsibility for managing our safety performance rests with Paul Harrison our General Manager. Support is provided by an independent Safety Auditor “Health and Safety Systems Ltd”. All our drivers and operators have undertaken Site Safe training as a minimum and attend a weekly health and safety briefing.

Proper Training

The right training is key to engaging our people in safety matters, so they understand and take responsibility for managing risks. You can find more information on our safety systems here.

Our Top Priorities
  1. Driving safely
  2. Working safely
  3. Leading safely
  4. Ensuring our vehicles are safe 
Commitment to Health and Safety
Health and Safety Policy

The management of Elevate Crane Truck Services Ltd is committed to continuous improvement in Health and Safety and undertakes to:

Provide each worker with a safe and healthy workplace.

Take all practicable steps to prevent accidents and incidents and protect workers, members of the public and contractors from risk and to promote the health and well-being of workers.

In meeting this commitment we will:

  1. Establish and insist upon safe methods and safe practices at all times.
  2. Comply with all legislative requirements, codes of practice and safe operating procedures relevant to our workplace.
  3. Ensure that all accidents and incidents are accurately reported and recorded.

It is the policy of Elevate Crane Truck Services Ltd to conduct our business at all times without risk to our workers. We acknowledge our ongoing commitment to and responsibility for maintaining the highest possible health and safety standards. The safety and occupational health of our workers is a matter of prime concern to the company.

Every worker is expected to share in the commitment to this policy. We encourage all workers to take responsibility for their own safety and that of others while at work and to actively involve themselves in the health and safety process.

Carriage of goods act 1979

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